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How do I post?

To post, simply sign up and click the Post Listing button in the header. Make sure to fill out all required fields, including a valid address, before posting.

How do I remove my listing?

To remove a listing please go to the header and select My Listings, then View My Posted Listings and either delete your listing or mark it as rented, if you wish to reuse your listing

Help! It doesn't let me post

1. Check every required field is filled
2. Check your listing address is valid
3. Ensure photo uploads do not exceed 30MB
4. If that doesn't work, send us a DM here

How do I get my listing featured on Bamboo Housing's Instagram?

Follow the 3 instructions listed on this post

How do I reply to messages?

Go to My Messages in the header. If you're a seller select Messages - My Postings, if you're a buyer select My Message to Sellers.

How do I get the weekly newsletter? Or be featured on it?

When you sign up you automatically get our weekly newsletter of all new listings for the week! To be featured you simply need to post your listing on that week. To unsubscribe follow these steps